Human Trafficking


human trafficking, sex trafficking

Grand Rapids, MI​​​​​

Alleged child abuse victim,
  'didn't even have a chance
to see life'

New Jersey

Teachers had sexual ​

relations with students, colleagues covered it up

Child Abuse News

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Baltimore, MD

14-Year-Old Boy Charged

As Adult For Raping

8-Year-Old Girl

Rutherford County, TN

Undercover Sting Snags Adult Sneaking Into Child's Bedroom

Good Warning for Parents!

Nanny Arrested For Child Abuse After Death Of 4-Month-Old

Portland, Michigan

Man charged with murder,

child abuse following March

death of infant son

Hampton, New Hampshire

Area Youth Coach Indicted on Child Sex Charges

Cody, WY

Cody girl bloodied
abductor’s nose

Orange County, FL

Boxer 'Macho' Camacho ​

to face child abuse charges

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Child abuse and neglect rise with income inequality

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