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Human Trafficking


Child Abuse


Every day 2000 Children are reported missing.


200,000 are abducted​

by family members.​

58,000 are Non-Family abductions.​

The vast majority are recovered, but 100 are either murdered, ransomed, or taken to keep.

What to do if your child goes missing

Dr Phil's plea for​

CASA Volunteers

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Statistics Surrounding Child Sexual Abuse



NCMEC Safety Central logo.jpg
Protecting your family is a little easier with Safety Central!

Developed by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, the leading nonprofit in the fight to keep children safe, Safety Central is designed to make sure that parents have the tools they need to help them protect their families and act quickly should their children go missing.

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Good, Protective Daddy !!

Recently, while out shopping we saw this man with his kid on a Leash. When we asked him why he did this he explained "His little kid was so active & so fast that he had lost her in stores many times, and had panicked!! It was his only way of making sure she didn't get away from him." GREAT WORK DADDY !!!! How many times in the past 8 years have we posted stories were kids were snatched right under the noses of Parents, in busy stores. SOME WOULD RIDICULE HIM FOR HAVING HIS KID ON A LEASH, NOT US !!!

Kid Leash.jpg

The Five Stages of Grooming by a Pedophile - Dr Phil

11 Facts About Child Abuse

Be Wary of a Person Who ......

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