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Human Trafficking


human trafficking, sex trafficking, pornography
Pornography has a devastating impact on Child Abuse and Sex Trafficking. Education of the general population is of major importance for the future of the children of these
United States.

News related to

Child Pornography
is covered in the Child Abuse
Section of this website.

Porn Stars Are Abused

and are

Human Trafficking Victims

Pornography Becoming ​​

'Moral Standard'

of Younger Generations, ​

Professor Fears


Pinal County, AZ
Apache Junction Man Gets 280-Year Prison Term for Child Porn

Pinal County AZ sentence in Jail Cell -

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human trafficking, sex trafficking, pornography
Screen Shot 2022-06-07 at 2.58.38 PM.png
Calloway County, KY sentencing - mar 202

Talking to Your Kids

About Porn

Kids Should Learn ​From Parents

What I Wish I'd Known
Before Watching Porn

The Relationship ​Between ​Pornography

and Human Trafficking

A Journey to Freedom​​

From Pornography

Porn Hub graphic.jpg

FROM - NCOSE: The Pornography Industry’s Aggressive Marketing Tactics, Explained. The pornography industry

has been trying to exploit the COVID-19 pandemic for its own profit.

Man convicted of Sex Trafficking Children, Child Porn Charges will spend life in prison
Social Media and Sex Trafficking 
What Parents and Kids Need to Know

INTERVIEW of Ted Bundy by James Dobson (Focus on the Family): Look at this interview. We are realizing more and more that there is a direct “connection” between Pornography and Sex Trafficking. BEWARE!

Think a Little Porn Is Harmless?

human trafficking, sex trafficking, pornography

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More Evidence of



The link between ​

Pornography and ​
Human Trafficking
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