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human trafficking, sex trafficking

First time a "pimp" has been sentenced to life in prison for Human Trafficking

Rochester, NY

Two men accused of using

a website to prostitute a 14-year-old girl appeared in Federal Court on Friday

Sex Trafficking:

High Tech's Humanitarian Revolt Against the Johns

High School Cheerleader accused of Pimping

Henrico, VA

Four men charged with

soliciting prostitute

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Green Bay, WI

Labor Trafficking

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Truckers box in Amber Alert father, son

Florida ranks third in Human Trafficking complaints

Severe Shelter Beds

Shortage for Survivors

of Human Trafficking


Jacksonville, Florida

Human Trafficking is a

huge issue

Portland Oregon's

dirty little secret -

Child Sex Trafficking

Authorities consider possible sex trafficking in case of missing Colorado teen


Child Sex Trafficking - as easy in Seattle as ordering a pizza

Retired Cop: Sex crimes captivate the audience, but why not the Arizona legislature?

The borderless crime

against children

New York

Banks can help stop

Human Trafficking

US prosecutor says

Indiana man traveling 12,000 miles to talk about Human Trafficking


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