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Sacramento Woman Indicted for Sex Trafficking a Minor

Tulsa, OK

8 sentenced in Oklahoma

Human Trafficking case

Washington, DC

Head of Pro-Abortion Group Caught Arranging Sex With Child

Modesto, CA

Heroic  Teen, Stops Sex Offender From Kidnapping Little Boy

Sex Trade, Then and Now​

New York City’s ​

Lower East Side



New Mexico

What do a 14-year-old kidnap victim, runaway Kansas teenagers, and the now-adult child whose parents groomed and sold her for sex starting at age 10 have in common? They are all real examples of victims of human trafficking, modern day slavery right here in the United States.

2 Arrests in Tennessee in

24 hours


Cleveland, Ohio

Man charged with engaging in illegal sex acts with minors overseas

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Powerful video of a creative way awareness was brought to thousands at a national sporting event in Atlanta, GA on the weekend of April 6th.

Click HERE to see larger image of Truck

Bellevue, WA

Bellevue Apartment

Buildings Identified in

Sex Trafficking Sting

North Dakota

Human-Trafficking law

to get first trial

Cleveland. OH

Now that Gina DeJesus has been rescued ​her father Felix is going to attack

Human Trafficking!!!

Human Trafficking & PTSD: Is there a connection?


New York, NY

Man Who Ran Sex Trafficking Ring Sentenced To Over 60 Years In Prison

Memphis, TN

The accused sex trafficker "Mr. Money" will soon have to spend some of his hard-earned cash on attorneys

St Louis, MO

Nuns Try To Stop


In St. Louis Hotels

Bennington, VT

Human Trafficking case could lead to Schenectady

New Orleans

Civil suits allege trio of labor recruiters engaged in Human Trafficking

Uncool! -- Google and Facebook's Human Trafficking Complicity

Ormond Beach, Fl

Child Sex Sting Operation:

Video Shows Suspects Busted

By Officers At Florida

'Decoy House'

Bedford. Mass

Human Trafficking network

allegedly spanned region

Long Beach, CA

Man Charged with Sex Trafficking of Teen

Wichita, Kansas

Group works toward abatting Human Trafficking in their city

Mobile, AL

2 suspects in Waco sex trafficking case arrested in Alabama