human trafficking, sex trafficking
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Massive effort leads to

53 arrests for drugs and ​

Human Trafficking

Ending Modern-Day


Tampa, Florida

Man Sentenced to 30 Years

for ​

Sex Trafficking of Minors


Sex for sale

Please understand,

this problem exists


maybe even next door

Bowling Green, KYWoman charged with

Human Trafficking

​​Opinion: Anti-Slavery

Law Needs Saving


5 Things to know about

Human Trafficking​

Seattle, WA

2 men charged in rape,

teen pimping cases

San Diego, CA

Two sheriff's deputies,

child-abuse ​

suspect injured in shootout

Memphis, TN​​

Police Officer Charged With Sex Trafficking


Human Trafficking


human trafficking, sex trafficking

Philadelphia, PA​

Judge Considering Sentence

For Suspects In North Philly

Human Trafficking Case

Dedham, Mass

3 appear in courtto

face charges of

Human Trafficking

Boise, Idaho​

Washington Man Pleads ​

Guilty to Obstructing an Investigation into ​

Sex Trafficking of Children

Nebraska Mom in

Child Prostitution Case

Faces 500 Years

Warning for Parents

from the FBI!


ranking at the bottom in preventing Sex Trafficking

Portland, Oregon

Combating Human Trafficking: 

Progresses from Denial to

Best Practices

Tattoo artist helps

change the lives of

Sex Trafficked Victims!

Atlanta, GA

Despite millions spent,

Human Trafficking’s

scope is unknown

FLA Gov. Wants $4.5M To Fight Human Trafficking, Aid Victims

Tallahassee, Fl

Safe Harbor Act: New Law

Ensures Safety for

Trafficking Victims

Fort Lauderdale, FL

A father methodically

recruited runaway girls,

one just 12 years old, to

work as prostitutes for him..

Tulsa, OK

Backpage arrest AGAIN!

Albany, NY

NY man had

child porn at day care site

Training Helps Professionals Identify Human Trafficking


Recruiting a child prostitute

Lancaster, PA

Students rise up to fight

Sex Trafficking

New Tougher Sex Trafficking

Laws in  Minnesota  Catch

Child Raping John

Spotlight on

Human Trafficking

Annapolis, Maryland

Man Charged with

Sex Trafficking


ND man sentenced to 45 years
for human trafficking

Columbus, Ohio

4 arrested

26 arrested in Lake County child sex sting

Near Orlando, Florida


Providence, RI

Human Trafficking

operation busted

FBI Rescues 79 Kids in ​

Sex Trafficking Sting

~  Sickening ~

Parents Who Pimp ​

Their Children

Chicago, IL​​

3 charged, including

brother and sister, with Sex-Trafficking

Ocala, Floida

Teen accused of using

17-year-old girl for

sex trafficking

Google Escort App Brings ​

Human Trafficking

to The Smartphone


Woman charged with

Sex Trafficking ​​

after missing ​teens found

The prayer of a

Sex Trafficked child: Escaping the abuse


Did Porn Contribute to

Jessica Ridgeway's


Richmond, VA


San Francisco, CA

The couple that commits crime

together, goes to jail together

Child Sex Trafficking 

Atlanta's dirty little secret





eBay Founder's Battle

Against ​Human Trafficking

Queens, NY

Man Found Guilty in White Plains Federal Court of Sex Trafficking Across Four States and the District of Columbia


Family counselor charged

with pimping teen

Houston, TX

Three Sentenced in Massive Domestic Sex Trafficking Case

Creswell, OR

Parents fear runaway teen sold into Sex Trafficking

How flight attendants ​

fight against ​

Human Trafficking

human trafficking, sex trafficking

Atlanta, GA

Go-go dancer sentenced for prostituting teens

Pimp Rules: List For

'Da Game Of Hoez' ​

Seized During Arrest

Roseville, Minn​

Stopping Sex Trafficking- ​

A Hotel Showed How it Can​ Be Done

Tampa, FL

Woman pleads guilty to

conspiracy​ to engage in

Sex Trafficking of minors

Riverside, CA

Gangs related to Sex Trafficking

Cincinnati, OH

Women recruit girls for

Ohio Sex Trade

Is NEW YORK failing its child sex trafficking victims

Prosecutors in ND, SD warn about

human trafficking

Framingham, Mass

Man charged with

Human Trafficking

Ministers 'have been sabotaging'

the battle to block porn on internet


Willow Smith goes to

Washington -

talk about a special 12 year old!

Native Girls Are Being

Exploited and Destroyed

at an Alarming Rate



Final Defendant Sentenced in ​

Child Sex Trafficking and ​

Prostitution Ring

Portland, OR

Five men tied to

Child Sex-Trafficking

Houston, TX

Feds Reach Out To 

Human Trafficking Victims

Phones Become the

'Frontline' of

Human Sex Trafficking

human trafficking, sex trafficking

Time to open our eyes to

child Sex Trafficking

and put a stop to it!

Sacramento, CA

Sisters Sentenced for

Child Prostitution

Heightened Hotel Security

Could Suppress Local Sex Trafficking Industry

... the biggest challenge

is that the public doesn’t fully

understand the problem.

Atlanta is # 1 hub for

Sex Trafficking

Richmond, VA

Parents charged in

Trafficking their own Children

Houston, TX

'Hub' for Human Trafficking


Sex Trafficking

Ring Busted

San Diego, CA​

Sex Trafficking victims are mostly American kids